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Pure Luck

PGGenre: Comedy, Crime, Mystery
Year: Duration: 96 MinView: 7 views
35 votes, average 5.4 out of 10

The daughter of a wealthy businessman has disappeared in Mexico, and all the efforts to find her have been unsuccessful. A psychologist, knowing that the girl has an ultra bad luck, persuades her father to send to Mexico one of his employees, an accountant with super bad luck, to find her. Perhaps he will be lucky, and his bad luck could help to find the unlucky girl.

Tagline: Somewhere on the Mexican Riviera, a beautiful, rich heiress has gone missing. Only one man can find her. Unfortunately, they sent two
Cast: , , , , , ,
Language: English
Budget: $ 17.010.000,00
Revenue: $ 24.941.969,00

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